Top 7 Foods for blasting tummy weight

If you’re looking to lose a little weight around your waist, here’s 7 foods that will come in very handy.

1. Water – Okay it’s not a food, you got me.  Just remember that a dehydrated body is not a good environment for fat loss and drinking more water keeps us full so we don’t grab for seconds at the dinner table. Keep yourself to 2 litres a day and replace your juices and cokes for this liquid instead.

2. Eggs – Eggs are high in Omega 3 Fatty acids (good) and also high in protein (good for building muscle).  They’re also cheap to buy at the grocery store!

3. Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) – You should be taking these every single day.  They not only help with keeping you lean, they also reduce stress and pain in your joints.  A must take supplement.

4. Berries – I love raspberries and blueberries and you should too because they are rich in antioxidants and high in fibre.  A great substitution for cake and ice cream when it comes to desert time.

5. Greens (Spinach, Broccoli, etc.) – Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibre and low in calories.  If your plate is not filled with these then you are making a big mistake.  Eat as much as you want of these.  Don’t hold back.

6. Fish – It’s an awesome source of good fats and also high in protein.  They taste awesome yummy too.  Can’t go wrong here.

7. Sweet Potatoes/Kumara – The best “carb” you can possibly eat.  You get amino acids, good fats, vitamins and anti oxidants all from this one little golden potato.  These are awesome to eat after workouts.


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