Premium personal training & nutritious meal package

You know that you need to do something and you don’t know where to begin or maybe you are feeling that you have tried so may times to achieve your weight loss goals without success. At Configure Express we understand that the combination of diet and exercise is the fast track to weight loss. We provide a “one stop shop” solution to maximise your weight loss success.

The 12 week Xelarator™ programme is our premium nutrition and exercise programme. This proven programme has been designed to remove the guess work about portion size whilst ensuring you are eating a balanced and satisfying diet. A skilled trainer will prescribe an exercise programme that guarantees you enjoyment and results.

 The programme includes:

  • 12 week menu that includes nutritious, tasty, pre packed convenient “ready to go” meals 

  • Two half hour weekly personal training sessions covering nutrition and exercise

  • Xertrak circuit training and Xertone free weight strength training
  • Cardio training

  • Personal support, motivation and guidance

  • Progress reports

The Xelarator Meal Plan

At Configure Express we understand that making lasting change is not always that easy. The Xelerator meal plan makes it so simple for you to get started on your journey towards the “new” you. You do not have to follow new recipes or find time to prepare additional meals. 
Tasty meal choices range from Char Grilled Vegetarian Pizza to Thai Chicken Curry and loads in between. Most meals are included and once you have completed the 12 week programme, you’ll be more aware of the foods and portion sizes that will help you to maintain your target weight.

The Xelarator programme is supported by Configure Express Protein Powders, Configure Express Protein Bars and the Configure Express Multivitamin and Mineral Supplement. Exclusive to Configure Express, these products are designed to keep you feeling full from one meal to the next and help you to meet your daily nutrient requirements.

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