The Break™ Programme

One on one training and healthy menu plan

Our fantastic Break weight loss programme combines bi weekly personal training sessions and a varied and healthy meal plan. This programme helps you to do exactly what the name suggests and “break” those habits that up until now have been limiting the acheivement of your weight loss and lifestyle goals. At Configure Express we understand that you have a dream and our desire is to help you achieve it.

The programme includes:

  • 3 month and 5 month programme options

  • Two 30-minute weekly personal training sessions covering nutrition and exercise

  • Body Exertrak circuit training and Exertone free weight strength training 

  • Cardio programmes

  • Support motivation and guidance
  • Progress reports

The Break™ Meal Plan

The Break™ meal plan provides a balanced diet packed full of all the nutrients that you require for good health. 

Each week you will receive your meal plan and a shopping list. The meal plans feature every day foods readily available from the supermarket that can be easily incorporated into your family’s mealtime routine. The Break™ meal plan is proportionately higher in protein (but not a high protein diet) than conventional diets. Diets with elevated protein content have been shown to provide improved appetite control.

At the end of the 13-week Break programme, you’ll be aware of the foods and portion sizes that will help you to maintain your weight and you will understand the importance of maintaining an exercise regime to stay fit and healthy.

This choice is about the rest of your life and how you dream it can be. So come on, choose a better lifestyle today. Many of our Configure Express members are already enjoying the benefits of the Break™ programme. Come and join them.

The Break™ programme is supported by Configure Express Protein Powders, Configure Express Protein Bars and the Configure Express Multivitamin and Mineral Supplement. Exclusive to Configure Express, these products are designed to keep you feeling full from one meal to the next and help you to meet your daily nutrient requirements

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